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July 07, 2023 - Protests & Litigation

Pratt’s Government Contracting Law Report: Key Considerations for Litigating Classified Bid Protests

New DCMA Defective Pricing Pilot Team Will Possess Audit Resolution Authority

Kevin Mullen, Sandeep Nandivada, James Tucker, and Caitlin Crujido authored an article for Pratt's Government Contracting Law Report sharing 10 factors to consider when contemplating a classified protest.

"Find a law firm with a sufficient number of experienced bid protest lawyers with the requisite clearances," the authors wrote. "Even in a large firm, few attorneys typically have protest experience, and far fewer still have security clearances. The pool of available talent shrinks even further when high-level clearances are required. For a large, complex classified procurement, a party to a protest will typically need an entire team of cleared attorneys, and they will follow protocols that are different from those governing unclassified protests."

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