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March 4, 2021False Claims Act

MoForecast Podcast: Predictions on the False Claims Act (FCA)

In this episode of MoForecast, James Koukios speaks with Government Contracts Co-chair Alex Ward and Investigations + White Collar partner Brian Kidd about what to expect in the False Claims Act (FCA) space under the Biden Administration. Brian Kidd recently joined the firm from the U.S. Department of Justice, where he most recently served as ...›


U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Finds That Alleged Cybersecurity Vulnerability Is Not Material Under False Claims Act

In a decision sure to bring some comfort to contractors providing information technology equipment and services to the federal government, a U.S. district court judge recently granted a motion to dismiss a False Claims Act (FCA) suit, finding that the relator both failed to establish materiality under the FCA and failed to prove the necessary scienter on the part of the contractor. ...›

July 6, 2020Compliance, False Claims Act

Division Continues Increased Focus on Procurement Collusion, Presents Strike Force to International Enforcers

The following is an excerpt from “Quarterly Cartel Catch-Up: Recent Developments in Criminal Antitrust for Busy Corporate Counsel ‒ 2nd Quarter 2020.” To read the entire newsletter, please click here. Division Continues Increased Focus on Procurement Collusion, Presents Strike Force to International Enforcers Key Point: The Division has heightened scrutiny of anticompetitive conduct in the ...›

June 9, 2020False Claims Act

Materiality & the Public Disclosure Bar: Fending Off Qui Tam Attacks

Enforcement activity by the U.S. Government historically spikes in the wake of heightened government spending, whether a result of wars, recessions, or natural disasters.  Following the unprecedented infusion of public money to combat COVID-19 and stabilize the economy, contractors may anticipate a similar sharp increase in enforcement activity.  A recent False Claims Act (FCA) case ...›

May 7, 2020False Claims Act

Effective Internal Investigations and Disclosures: Identifying and Managing False Claims Act Problems (Morrison & Foerster’s Remote Learning Series Session #2)

Join Alex Ward and Rachael Plymale for the second presentation in Morrison & Foerster’s Government Contracts Remote Learning Series. Register here. In “Effective Internal Investigations and Disclosures:  Identifying and Managing False Claims Act Concerns,” Alex and Rachael will discuss high-risk areas for contractors, explain how to manage FCA problems if they do occur, assess recent developments ...›

Unprecedented Discovery Orders Vacated: Fourth Circuit Confirms Government Contractors Do Not Waive Privilege by Disclosing Facts Uncovered during an Internal Investigation under the FAR’s Mandatory Disclosure Rule

Lawyers often view a writ of mandamus to a Court of Appeals as a last-gasp—indeed, almost hopeless—stratagem.  But sometimes they are granted, particularly when the district court order they challenge is even more extraordinary.  That is what just happened in In re Fluor Intercontinental, Inc., No. 20-1241 (4th Cir. March 25, 2020).  In this case, ...›

January 13, 2020False Claims Act

MoFo Webinar: Demystifying the DOJ’s New False Claims Act Guidance (Tues., Jan. 14)

Morrison & Foerster Government Contracts associate Rachael Plymale will be participating in a webinar with the Knowledge Group, titled “Demystifying the DOJ’s New False Claims Act Guidance: Navigating Implications to the Year Ahead” tomorrow at 12PM EST. Please register using this link for a complimentary** pass, courtesy of Morrison & Foerster. Earlier in 2019, the ...›

Federal Court Confirms that Cybersecurity Gaps Can Form the Basis of False Claims Act Violations

Since the Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies began implementing formal cybersecurity requirements for government contractors within the last few years, one lingering question on the minds of federal contractors and subcontractors has been:  “What happens if I do not comply?”  Firms, including ours, have counseled that breach of contract claims are possible, ...›

May 13, 2019False Claims Act

New DOJ Guidance on Cooperation in FCA Investigations Clarifies How Companies Can Receive Leniency in Exchange for Voluntary Disclosures, but Leaves Unanswered Questions

Earlier this week, the Department of Justice released guidance identifying the circumstances in which the Department would award credit to companies that voluntarily disclose or otherwise cooperate during False Claims Act (“FCA”) investigations.  While the new guidance leaves some unanswered questions, it is a step in the right direction because it provides greater transparency by ...›