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    Allowability of Legal Costs

    The next in our Infographics series walks through the allowability of costs for certain in-house legal services. It provides a quick guide to when a contractor’s legal costs may, and may not, be charged to the government.
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  • - Resources, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

    The Bayh-Dole Act

    The Bayh-Dole Act allocates rights for intellectual property developed with federal funds between contractors or grant recipients and the government. This infographic provides an overview of the Bayh-Dole Act, the steps that must be followed for contractors/grantees to retain ownership of title to IP,
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  • - Protests & Litigation, Resources

    GAO Post-Award Protest Timeline

    We're excited to announce a new series of infographics on our Government Contracts Insights blog. These infographics will highlight key trends and tips for companies in the government contracting community. Our first infographic focuses on the GAO Post-Award Protest Timeline, providing an in-depth timeline
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