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October 30, 2015Schedule Contracting

GSA’s Continued Effort to Consolidate Professional Services Contracts

The General Services Administration (GSA) recently announced its intention to further promote the consolidation of professional services contracts by encouraging agencies to transition from expiring, one-off contracts to multiple-award contracting vehicles. The announcement comes on the heels of GSA’s October 1, 2015 announcement that it would be consolidating eight separate schedules into a new Professional Services Schedule (PSS) that will allow federal government agencies to use one contracting vehicle to fulfill a host of professional services requirements. ...›

Federal Procurement
September 17, 2015Schedule Contracting

GSA Issues Class Deviation to Address Conflicts Between Commercial Supplier Agreement Terms and Federal Law

On July 31, 2015, the General Services Administration (GSA) issued a Class Deviation to uniformly address certain commonly recurring conflicts between Commercial Supplier Agreement (CSA) terms and federal law. The GSA’s Class Deviation purports to streamline the contract formation process by addressing fifteen of the most common CSA areas that conflict with federal law, thereby removing the need for subsequent negotiation between the contractor and GSA on these subject matters after the contractor has submitted its proposal. ...›