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December 21, 2018Government Shutdown

Contractors Should Prepare for Potential Shutdown

Editor’s Note: What’s old seems to be new again. We wrote the below post 11 months ago. Though the date has now changed from January 19 to December 21, the information is pertinent once again for contractors wondering what to do in the event of a government shutdown affecting your customer agencies. As Congress and ...›

January 22, 2018Government Shutdown

The Government Is Shut Down: What About My Protest?

With the 2018 Government shutdown entering the work week, any contractors with ongoing or potential protests may be wondering what the effect of the shutdown will be on the protest process. Government Accountability Office According to the GAO Protest page, the GAO is closed due to the shutdown of the federal government, including the GAO ...›

Federal Procurement

Contractors Should Prepare For Potential Shutdown

As Congress and the Administration appear to be careening toward a potential government shutdown – whether on Friday January 19 or once another short-term continuing resolution expires – it is a good time for government contractors to review their contracts and the potential effect a shutdown might have. The Antideficiency Act mandates a partial government ...›