April 11, 2022 - Acquisition Regulations

Sustainable Procurement FAR Case to Clarify FAR Part 23

Regulatory action around sustainable procurement and climate change continues to heat up. A recent Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) case on Sustainable Procurement takes another step towards implementing the Biden administration’s ambitious vision of leveraging federal procurement to confront the climate crisis. FAR case 2022-006 …›


Despite their many differences, Presidents Trump and Biden agree on one thing: that the Government should favor American manufacturers over foreign companies by tightening the protectionist restrictions applicable to many Federal procurements. The outgoing and incoming Administrations each took actions this January that will …›

January 5, 2021 - Acquisition Regulations

MoFo Law Clerk Co-Authors Contract Management Article on Sustainable Procurement

MoFo law clerk Markus Speidel co-wrote an article for National Contract Management Association’s Contract Management magazine with George Washington University Law School Professor Steven Schooner. The article, titled “‘Warming Up’ to Sustainable Procurement,” discusses how the procurement community can address climate change via sustainable …›

Proposed Rule to Amend the Far’s Implementation of the Buy American Act

Earlier this week, the FAR Council issued a proposed rule to implement President Trump’s Executive Order 13881. The Executive Order called for the expansion of the preference for domestic goods, products, and materials – particularly domestic iron and steel – in Federal procurements. If …›

Try, Try Again

A recent defective pricing case, Alloy Surfaces Co., ASBCA No. 59625, 2020 WL 1896784, April 9, 2020, charmingly illustrates the Government’s doggedness in trying to reprice a contract using the Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA). The Armed Services Board of Contracting Appeals did …›