April 19, 2017 - Small Business

SBA’s “All Smalls” Mentor-Protégé Tips and Discussion

Small BusinessOn Thursday, April 13, 2017, MoFo partner Damien Specht moderated the “SBA’s ‘All Smalls’ Mentor-Protégé Tips and Discussion” seminar. The panel included Sandra Clifford, Deputy Director, All Small Mentor-Protégé Program, Small Business Administration and Jennifer Morrison, Associate General Counsel, Booz Allen Hamilton. The discussion centered on SBA’s recently expanded mentor-protégé program and the opportunities it presents for both large and small businesses. The panelists spoke about what a good mentor-protégé relationship looks like and how it can be beneficial for both parties involved. Ms. Clifford shared her best tips for how a small business can get their application approved and what the SBA is looking for in terms of a business plan in the application. She also explained the specific terms and limitations of the relationship. Ms. Morrison gave the perspective from Booz Allen Hamilton on why a large government contractor might want to participate in the program.