July 20, 2016 - False Claims Act

Aveta And The Use Of Confidential Info In FCA Cases

FCAIn a recent case in the District of Puerto Rico, United States ex rel. Valdez v. Aveta Inc., et al., No. 15-cv-01140-CCC (D.P.R.), the former president of Puerto Rican-based managed health care provider Aveta Inc., Jose Valdez, alleged that the health care company submitted as much as $350 million in false claims to the government through the Medicare Advantage program by manipulating risk adjustment scores. Valdez’s claims largely rest on more than 26,000 documents he (allegedly inadvertently) failed to return to the company after his termination, in violation of his nondisclosure agreement. Aveta claims that many of the documents are confidential or subject to the attorney-client privilege.

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Reprinted with permission.