MoFocus: Our Insights into the Risk + Crisis Landscape

CybersecurityWelcome to the premiere edition of MoFocus, our guide to the changing risk and crisis landscape, offering insights from John Carlin and MoFo’s Global Risk + Crisis Management team.

In this edition we:

  • explore what companies can do to prepare for the next ransomware threat in the wake of the recent “WannaCry” cyberattack;
  • review the $US 1 billion settlement agreement against Chinese company ZTE as a signal for the new administration’s sanctions enforcement priorities;
  • offer recommendations to prevent future meddling by Russia into the US electoral process;
  • analyze a significant cyber-related ruling that could have major ramifications for the technology sector and also be an early indicator for how the Trump administration intends to navigate competing demands between law enforcement and privacy advocates;
  • examine how the new administration may address Chinese activities in Silicon Valley and a perceived economic imbalance resulting from foreign investment in critical technologies;
  • identify the key takeaways from the Trump administration’s May 11th executive order on cybersecurity; and
  • offer insights into the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on whether corporations can be held liable under the Alien Tort Statute.

All this, plus an infographic with critical tips for what companies can do to reduce and mitigate hacking risks.

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