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December 7, 2015International Public Procurement

New European Procurement Threshold Values to Apply Across Europe from 1 January 2016

From 1 January 2016, the threshold values that trigger the need for a regulated public procurement process by which public or government authorities purchase work, goods or services from companies across Europe will increase. However, because of movements in exchange rates between the euro and some other currencies, the equivalent values in non-euro EU currencies – especially UK pounds sterling – have fallen. ...›

October 6, 2015International Public Procurement

Court Decision Opens Door for EU States to Prohibit Data Transfers to the U.S.

On October 6, 2015, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) determined that of the EU-US Safe Harbor Framework was invalid. The Safe Harbor framework, which facilitated the exchange of personal data between the EU and the US, had become more controversial in Europe in response to growing concerns with regard to U.S. government access to personal information and the lack of judicial redress for Europeans against the US Government. ...›

September 11, 2015International Public Procurement

Germany: Governmental Draft Bill Contains Legal Basis for “No Spy” Restrictions

The German federal government has added a legal basis for so-called “No Spy” confidentiality requirements to its final proposal for a major public procurement law amendment act (“Draft Bill”). The new provision explicitly allows public authorities to impose specific contractual obligations designed to protect the confidentiality of information against disclosure to foreign intelligence agencies. ...›