Information Request Regarding Novation and Name Change Processes

small-business -2The General Services Administration (GSA) is considering changes to the type and amount of documentation that is required to be submitted in support of a novation or name change request. See Federal Register Notice. The Information Request seeks contractor comments regarding the utility of the current document production requirements.

As many contractors that have changed a name or been acquired are aware, the novation and name change processes are time-consuming and often result in delayed approvals as the government sifts through the voluminous documentation. The extensive list of required documentation for these requests is found in FAR subpart 42.12 and includes, for example, an entire copy of the document effecting the transfer of assets and underlying board minutes approving the transfer (e.g., an entire copy of a stock purchase agreement). Any effort by GSA to streamline the novation and name change processes by reducing some of the administrative requirements and the overall amount of required documents would be welcomed by many contractors.

Comments in response to the government’s Information Request are due by November 13, 2015.